How Truckers Can Settle Their Back IRS Debt For 85% – 95% Less Than What They Owe

It’s a sad truth: out of all the industries in the United States, truckers are by far one of the most targeted industries by the IRS.

Truckers keep this country running.  Their selfless sacrifice of time away from family and the comforts of home allow the economy to keep on chugging.  

But because many truckers are owner-operators and therefore business owners, that means they have to manage a business on top of driving.  And because dealing with payroll, taxes and finance are just more tedious tasks on top of an already long day, many truckers find themselves behind on their taxes, some for just $10,000; others for upwards of six figures.

And truckers who have an IRS problem know just how bad it can get: sleepless nights, demanding letters from the IRS, a lien being filed on them that totally ruins their credit, the potential of their home or truck being seized, and the IRS going to their trucking company and seizing 75% of their weekly pay…

…all of this unless they pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars right now that they don’t have.   

So what can you actually do about it?  How can you get the IRS to stop making your life miserable, and ultimately to fix the problem so you can pay over time, or settle for up to 85% – 95% less than what you owe?

#1 – Stop Ignoring The Problem

Do you know what the IRS penalties are for filing and paying late?

The penalty for filing late is 5% per month, up to 25%.

The penalty for paying late is ½% per month, up to 25%.

And the interest on top of the penalties is 4% annually.

So if you owed $8,000 one year and didn’t file and pay on time, you would owe $10,500 within 6 months.

See how quickly the problem gets out of hand?

And if that wasn’t bad enough: the more you owe the IRS, the more badly they want it.  As that amount owed keeps ticking up, the number of angry letters you get from the IRS keeps ticking up…and the severity of their threats goes up and up too.  

So the bottom line is, if you are a trucker with an IRS problem, you are literally flushing dollar bills down the toilet by burying your head into the sand.  The quicker you move, the better your chances of solving the problem.

#2 – Contact The IRS To Get a Temporary Stop On Collections

Stopping the IRS from seizing your property and money is your top priority right now.  And luckily, there are ways to get them to temporarily let up.  You can sometimes get 30, 60, or even 90-day extensions of time to stop collections efforts while you put together your game plan.

However, there’s one pitfall with this plan.

There’s only one way to get the IRS to temporarily let up on collections: to make an uncomfortable call to an IRS employee who has one job, and one job only:

To extract as much money out of you as they possibly can.

They’re there to extract as much money out of you as they possibly can.

However, if you know the right words to say, if you know your legal rights like the back of your hand, if you have a clearly formed argument…you can talk with them to get a stop on collections activities.

#3 – Negotiate a Settlement

Well, now it’s time to negotiate a settlement.

And there’s 2 main types of IRS settlement:  An installment agreement, and offer in compromise.

#1 is an installment agreement.  Here, you negotiate to pay off what you owe over time, oftentimes up to 72 months.  The great thing about an installment agreement is that they leave your bank account alone while you’re paying it off…and they payment you’re making is actually something manageable, as opposed to a demand for immediate payment.  

The other 1 is an offer in compromise.  This is where you can actually settle for less than what you owe the IRS, sometimes up to 85% – 95%…and sometimes more!

This takes your entire tax debt, and allows you to literally pay that smaller amount.

Now how do you figure out which of these is right for you?

Well, it’s an interplay of 3 different things: your income, your expenses, and your assets.  Those numbers are compared against what the IRS “thinks” they should be…(as you can guess, they interpret this to their advantage).  And from that, you’ll analyze to see if the best option for you is to pay off over time, or if you’re able to settle for less.

So How Do I Pull It All Together?

So now you have a good idea about what will happen if you don’t solve your IRS problem, how you can protect yourself in the short term from IRS action, and what your options are for solving your problem.  But how do you actually make that work?

Success is a combination of understanding the law, and applying the law in the right way at the right time.  The problem, though?  The Internal Revenue Code and IRS manuals are literally tens of thousands of pages long.  Solving a case the without knowing how to negotiate with the IRS is like going up to a lock and trying to guess the code.  

Think of the 4-digit lock you probably used on your locker when you were a kid.  Did it ever occur to you that there are 10,000 possible combinations to a 4-digit lock?

Trying to solve your IRS problem on your own is like going up to a 4-digit lock and trying to guess the code.  You can hit the law library, the website, the Internal Revenue Manual, and with lots of research (and a lot of luck!), maybe you’ll guess the code and succeed in solving your IRS issue.

However, many truckers don’t have the desire–or the time–to take a gamble with their financial security, and hope they can guess the combination to that 4-digit lock.  Truckers who owe over $10,000 to the IRS, or have past-due tax returns, or have the IRS actively taking their property, need to get professional help now.

For A Limited Time, My Firm Is Offering Complimentary Tax Analysis Consultations To Truckers With IRS Problems

If you are ready to solve your IRS problem so that you can get rid of the pain and misery of the IRS breathing down your neck, I have an offer you might be interested in.

For an extremely limited time, I am offering complimentary tax analysis sessions to truckers with IRS problems.  In this session, I will spend 30 minutes with you analyzing your tax situation and talk with you to help figure out exactly what is going on.  At the end, I will show you the path towards fixing it.  At that point, and if I think I can help you, you have the option to either hire me to solve this problem for you, or to take this information and do something else with it.  There’s no BS, no commissioned salespeople, no overinflated hype…my company is a small owner-operated company and I don’t have time to pressure you into buying something you don’t need, only to have it be a problem later.  I guarantee you that this will be one of the most valuable 30 minutes of your year.

Before You Apply, You Must Meet The Qualifications Below, Or Your Request For A Consultation Will Be Rejected:

You must owe the IRS and / or state at least $10,000, OR have over 1 year of unfiled returns, OR the IRS is actively seizing / threatening to seize your property.  Further, you need to have the right attitude and conviction to solve your IRS problem, as described below:

Who Is This For?

From the countless clients I have worked with, I’m able to get the best results for truckers who:

Have a substantial tax problem (owing over $10,000; unfiled tax returns; the IRS is actively taking or threatening to take property)

  • Want to get the problem solved now, so they can get the pain out of their life
  • Don’t want to waste time “guessing the code” and doing it themselves
  • Are willing to have “skin in the game”, and understand they need to invest some money in order to have a licensed tax professional help solve a tax problem that took years and thousands of dollars to materialize.

Who Should Not Apply?

Truckers who usually get poor results and do not succeed in solving their tax problem almost always:

  • Don’t think their tax problem is a big enough deal to handle
  • Make excuses and complain, rather than taking charge
  • Who are stuck in information gathering mode and are not prepared to take action
  • People who don’t own up to their situation and think that they can stick their head back in the sand, and the problem will just magically go away.

If I feel you are not a good fit for our services, as is the case with approximately 70% of the applications I receive, I will politely end the conversation and refer you to another professional or some free resources I think can help you.  I apologize in advance if this happens on our call, but I hope you will understand this is done out of respect to your time and mine as well.

Time Is Of The Essence – Apply Today

My calendar is already full with truckers requesting my help, and for that reason I am only able to provide a few more complimentary consultations this month.  When I reach capacity, I will close down this phone number and application button, and you will be unable to apply.

So if the IRS is breathing down your neck, if you owe more than you know how to pay, and you want that pain and annoyance out of your life once and for all, I encourage you to apply below.